Niklas Wingsted's take on influencer marketing


Influencer marketing has grown bigger and bigger in the last few years and is today an important consideration when planning your campaigns and marketing strategies. In order to answer some of the questions that may come to mind about it, we have interviewed Niklas Wingsted, the social media manager from Very Patchwork

Why has influencer marketing grown so much?

This is due to platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, which make it easy for people to share things about themselves and their lives, reach a lot of people and engage with their followers. "It's like talking on TV they're talking to each other. On YouTube they speak to me"(Ferdinand, 9 years old) [1]

Another reason for the boom in influencer marketing is that the companies have jumped onto this trend, which means that there can be a lot of money in it for the influencers and that, in some cases, you can live well off this.

On YouTube they speak to me.
— Ferdinand (9 years old)

Why is it a good idea for companies to take advantage of influencer marketing?

That's because people trust people. That’s because, even though it's often paid, consumers trust an influencer, with whom they often identify themselves with, that recommends your product, much more than if the company itself recommends it. We all know it. If your friend bought a pair of new shoes, which, according to him, is "good to walk in" - then we believe him. If the company itself said that "they are very good to walk in - comfort is absolutely top notch", one would be more skeptical because, of course, they have to say that.

People trust people (...), consumers trust an influencer, with whom they often identify themselves with.

So, where is influencer marketing heading?

The amount of content uploaded to the Internet rises and rises. Therefore, if you want to be seen and have a voice in the middle of all the noise, you must produce great content that interests and captures the target audience. Good content is the way forward and the crossbar for influencer marketing will be raised over the next couple of years. Both for the content, but also for the quality.

To sum it up, influencer marketing is a new wave that is especially significant for the younger generations and shows no signs of stopping. To learn more about its uses and how to incorporate it in your marketing strategy, come to our event on the 9th of November!


[1] - ”Sådan når du unge på Sociale Medier”

Othilia Pedersen