Brandstorm with L'Oréal in the words of past participants

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Brandstorm is a marketing competition by L’Oreal, where students work on real cases and help solve challenges faced by a specific L’Oreal brand. The winner of the campus competition at CBS will compete in the regional finals, meet with executives from L’Oreal, with the possibility of winning a trip to Paris, where the best teams will present their ideas to the global leadership team of L’Oreal.

In 2018, the contestants are invited to dream up the future of professional hair salon experiences with L’Oreal Professional Products.

What are the requirements?

Whether you love cosmetics or not, as long as you are into marketing, you are encouraged to compete in Brandstorm. Previous knowledge about L’Oreal brands is not necessary, as the campus competition winner of Brandstorm 2016, Ruben Grönevik experienced. “Despite that I never had heard of the brand before, I decided to team up with two classmates and take part in the competition.”


Why participate?

Practical experience

To all the participants, Brandstrom was an excellent and compelling way of trying out knowledge gained in the classroom in a real-life situation. “Brandstorm is a great opportunity to get out of the classroom and put some practical experience on your resume”, advises Mikkel. The case competition is all the better for the fact that it is set in real conditions: “We were provided with comprehensive data about the brand, its consumers, distributions, and others” recalls Lauritz.


Insight into a prospective employer

As a part of the process, the participants were invited to meet employees of L’Oreal at the offices. “There were a couple hours of mingling. [...] During the evening, we heard from the Nordic CMO, Matthijs, and Danish General Manager, Alexander, who both have long-standing, international careers within L'Oréal. We also had the opportunity to ask questions concerning the L'Oréal culture and career opportunities”, tells us Mikkel. These few hours were an unmissable chance of getting a glimpse into L’Oreal. Lauritz agrees: “L'Oréal is a company that I've always been fascinated by, so I also saw Brandstorm as a great opportunity to get a taste of what it would be like to work for the company.”


Career opportunities

A last, but perhaps the most important result for the participants, is that Brandstorm opens the door to working at L’Oreal. The experience will give you valuable contacts with the company. As Ruben said “Brandstorm is not only a competition. It is also a recruitment tool for L’Oréal”. Although his team did not win the regional finals, he still got a prestigious job in marketing at L’Oreal, thanks to his participation in the contest. All of our interviewees for this post, in fact, now work at L’Oreal. We can’t think of a more encouraging conclusion! 

Ready to sign up?

Dorota Krysinska