The Madmen of the 21th century

Imagine you have to make positive branding for a tobacco company today? Or find ways to market alcohol to teenagers?  What would be your approach? What could you get away with? These are the kinds of questions you can get to explore at The Agency. 

One evening at CBS we challenge you to delve into controversial work tasks that can occur sometime in your career in the fields of marketing when asked to provide a campaign for a client that you don’t agree with on a personal or ethical level. You will get to play with the forbidden and try out what no one else dares to even consider. Together with fellow students at CBS you get to come up with intriguing solutions for problems posed by a group of companies, some which are made up and some which are real and in the end try to guess the difference between what is to real to be fabricated and what is just made up. The outcome might surprise you.

Experiencing ethics

One thing is to talk about what is wrong and what is right. It is something completely different to actually experience, walking the edge and it will help you develop yourself and find your own ethical compass. At The Agency you will be put into design and present an ad campaign for topics that are controversial and since it will be your job for a evening, you should follow through, right?

Intensity is everything

Instead of spending three months on a course on ethics and ad campaigning, you will get an intense once in a lifetime experience in just a few hours. You will be put directly to the tasks and have extremely short deadlines to come up with solutions. It is not any final products, we are just playing around with the first and best ideas that comes to mind and then discuss how far we could get our minds to go. It is all about keeping the tempo going and meeting the deadlines.

Evaluation is mandatory

Once your trip to the modern Madmen is over we do a structured debrief session where we work out the questions and moral dilemmas we encountered through the process. And talk about what we can learn from just jumping into more controversial fields of work and how we can use it for a force of good.

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Benedicte Lindvold