Was it worth it? - MarketingLab's alumni reflect on their experiences


The first weeks of entering a university are always exciting, but also incredibly confusing. One of the things new students are often confused about is which student societies to join, or if it’s even worth to join them at all. In order to help you along the right path, MarketingLab Alumni share their thoughts and experiences in the student society with you!

When asked how he remembers his time at MarketingLab, Michael Boelhøj Andersen, former Head of HR, says that “the energy and work ethic in a voluntary student organisation is special.” It is motivating to be surrounded by similar young people who have the same the drive to become better and learn together. While working in a student society is free, Michael cites his “salary” as being the opportunity to “meet great people, [learn] new stuff and [gain] experience in a field of interest”. Nina Tranberg, former Head of Consultancy, cites her only regret as “not joining earlier on in my studies”.

The energy and work ethic in a voluntary student organization is special.
— Michael Boelhøj Andersen, former Head of HR

She adds that MarketingLab has “made [her] more aware of seeking new knowledge and constantly getting inspired to how companies can improve their marketing efforts”, and that she learned “more about the professional world of marketing outside Copenhagen Business School”.

Indeed, being in the student society offers an opportunity to get a more hands-on approach to marketing, complementing the theory taught in studies. All “Labbers” are invited to participate in the events and courses they organise, and thus learn about marketing innovations and analysis tools that are constantly being reinvented. Marley Hasselbach expands on this, saying that working as a consultant for MarketingLab “made [him] realise just how fundamental marketing and the insights that emerge from it is to all sorts of organisations”. Solving a variety of real cases for companies shows the diversity of marketing issues that arise in business, and gives a better understanding of the role of marketing in a wide perspective, as well as teaching how to apply theories learned in class.

The time spent at university should be used to explore different interests

MarketingLab acts as a middle ground between students and companies, and as such offers further understanding of the “key trends and issues” of the marketing industry, giving clarity on how interesting these topics are to you. Michael notes that “to meet representatives from professional companies, while learning, is a great way to network for future reference.” Marley agrees that this aspect is “perhaps one of the most valuable takeaways”. Denise Kohlaas, also former head of HR, shares these sentiments: “Working with MarketingLab provides a solid foundation to start [a] career.” Michael goes as far as to credit the student society for his current employment: adding to his regular studies a voluntary position in the association “created [his] professional profile and definitely helped [him] land a great job”.

In conclusion, student alumni agree that their time spent at MarketingLab helped them grow into their jobs and gain better understanding of what marketing meant in the practical world. They recommend being part of the association for the career opportunities that it offers, as well as an expanded network of friends and the atmosphere of youthful learning that comes from students striving to discover more facets of marketing together. The time spent at university should be used to explore different interests and there is no better way to do that than by joining an association with the same focus!

Dorota Krysinska