SEO has never been more important

With those of you in mind that could not guarantee yourselves a seat in this year's Digital Camp's workshops, we reached out to the speakers for some inside information. This week, Christian Bertelsen told us about his upcoming workshop and the importance of SEO for businesses today.

How to rank #1 on Google in 2018 – and beyond!

Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing industries in Denmark.

Within this industry annual growth rates of 25% are considered “normal”, and all Danish companies are desperately looking for employees & graduates with the right digital qualifications that can help them to succeed online.

One of the most important digital marketing channels is SEO – the optimization of search results in search engines such as Google and Amazon.

80% of all clicks in Google go to the organic search results.

On the 21st of March, you will have the opportunity to learn how to rank #1 on Google for some of the most competitive keywords in 2018 and beyond. Through this course you learn a number of tips and tricks including:

  • How to conduct an extensive keyword analysis in order to learn more about your competitor and how kill their traffic

  • How to set up a website that Google will favor

  • How to create content that will turn visitors into consumers

2018 is going to be a game changer for online marketing

SEO is subject to constant changes. For example, in 2017, Google updated its algorithms more than 1500 times, and the competition in the search results is intensifying day by day.

Furthermore, SEO experts agree that 2018 may very well be a game changer for SEO and digital marketing, so knowing the "does and don’t" of SEO has never been more important!

Through this course you will obtain crucial with knowledge that you can start applying at any company today!

This article was written by Christian Bertelsen, SEO Consultant, Obsidian.

To learn more about Search Engine Optimization, if you have a ticket, make sure to take part in Succes Online's workshop, which is part of Digital Camp 2018, on the 21st of March in SP202! For more information check out the Facebook event.

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