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The Consultancy department of MarketingLab is a team of dedicated and bright voluntary consultants from various backgrounds in terms of education and nationality. We have grown into a very diverse group of creative, inspiring people.

We work on a weekly basis solving real-life cases for large multinational companies, but also for smaller entrepreneurial businesses.

Every case is different, so our team is proactively focused on climbing a steep learning curve but most importantly - focused on being a team-player.



Kunde & Co. Case

Kunde & Co – Learning the basic tools of consulting


The Consulting Department of MarketingLab had the privilege of joining Kunde & Co. at their office in Copenhagen for an afternoon of case-solving and an exciting workshop. Kunde & Co. is not only an acknowledged marketing and branding agency they cover much more than that, which makes the company more akin to a strategic consulting agency.


A week before the event, our consultants were given a brief with the headline: ‘Revitalization of a national newspaper’ and were asked to come up with a solution to a repositioning and brand strategy. MarketingLab’s solutions had to address key questions regarding mapping the most valuable customers in the market, developing a new concept and the tactics involved in a go-to-market strategy. The teams then had to be ready to present their solution for some of Kunde & Co.’s highly skilled and experienced consultants and get constructive feedback on their solution and method and thereby develop their case-solving skills. Subsequently, Kunde & Co presented their solution to the case which provided insights into how an agency with a clearly defined methodology, scopes and solves strategic marketing challenges.

Concluding on the workshop; it was indeed a unique opportunity to get as close as possible to an everyday case-solving-process in the actual way it unfolds in a prominent marketing strategy company such as Kunde & Co.


And the best thing about the case?

We’re hooking up with Kunde & Co. again this year for another exciting workshop.


Interested in helping start-ups take the first steps in their marketing endeavours?

A huge part of the consultant’s work and hence the majority of the cases we solve are in the favour of both small- and large-scale start-ups: From the building of a positioning strategy for a company established 3 days ago to a cleaning app that wants help to grow on the Scandinavian markets. The evident differences amongst the companies asking us for consultative help is indeed a challenge; however, it is at the same time exactly what contributes to the training of our consultants.

The start-ups put a lot of trust in the work of our consultants and the great advantage of working with these companies is therefore the responsibility and transparency that they allow us to have towards their future marketing goals.

Some of the start-ups we have worked with so far:

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