gaining the latest insights

In the Courses Department, we organise and deliver marketing-related courses to all students. We equip students with marketing skills and competences beyond curriculum that will shorten the gap with the industry and make them more competitive in the job market.

Our courses happen around three times per semester and are an excellent way to get insights about practical issues related to marketing jobs - especially that it is professionals who come to present the courses! Below you find two examples of courses we have hosted at the Copenhagen Business School. 




What is the future trend of online marketing in an increasingly digital world?

MarketingLab kicked off the previous school year with a course on the future trends in digital marketing in collaboration with Google. Google is not only the most used search engine on the World Wide Web but is also on a mission to train millions of people in digital skills.

In front of a crowded room, Google presented to students its perspective on the future of online marketing by giving significant insights on how to succeed online: how to boost a digital career and how to grow businesses online.  

The audience was inspired by many prominent speakers, such as Morten Østergaard, a Danish politician and political leader of Radikale Venstre, who talked to students about the current necessity in Denmark to expand digital knowledge.

Concluding the course, MarketingLab hosted a networking session with the speakers to give the opportunity to students to answer all curiosities on the subject while tasting some good coffee and snacks.



How can you best market yourself and your career into an actual brand that will make you stand out?

On the 11th May 2017, MarketingLab ended the semester with a course on PERSONAL BRANDING in collaboration with Avantgarde. Avantgarde is a German agency for brand experiences present in 11 countries. Its focus is on generating emotional connections between brands and their consumers in order to create fans.

Throughout the course, students learned how to create, communicate and pitch their own personal brand, focusing on their skills, strengths and expertise to add distinguishable value and consequently land the next great career opportunity. While in the first part of the course the audience was inspired by a thorough presentation, the second part was organised as a workshop with worksheets prompting important reflection points and tips on how to create a personal brand.

The speakers were Ulrich Koehler, the managing director of Trendbüro and head of communication of Avantgarde, as well as Michaela Mittermeier, senior recruiter of Avantgarde. In front of these engaging and knowledgeable speakers, students were inspired by significant insights on how to best market themselves and their career in order to differentiate themselves in the job market and stand out among other candidates.

The course ended with a network session with the speakers where the students had the chance to ask questions and have 1:1 conversation while enjoying some beer at the student bar.