The Events department is the part of MarketingLab that creates exciting and inspiring marketing-centred events for students. We work hard to build bonds with local and global companies and find interesting perspectives on their work in order to give students the most current industry insights.

The Events department supports each partner company and undertakes the planning, budgeting, designing and promotion of each event, so that every event runs smoothly from start till finish, becoming a valuable experience to all involved. Below you find two examples of events we have hosted at the Copenhagen Business School. 



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What happens when a traditional Danish cinema operator bids on a request for tenders to handle the electronic advertisement in one of the worlds most advanced airports? 

Earlier this year, MarketingLab brought in the CEO and COO of Nordisk Film to CBS to talk about GROWTH and DISRUPTION within the media and entertainment industry.

With a room full of CBS students, Nordisk Film presented its take on how a traditional cinema operator uses digitalisation as a disrupter in order to growth its business. The presentation was crammed with core insights into the business side of the media & entertainment industry.

The audience had the pleasure of listening to Allan M. Hansen (CEO) sharing his insights to how Nordisk Film is pursuing growth within the media and entertainment industry where globalisation and digitalisation are disruption existing business models and challenging local positions. Also, the audience was presented for a very interesting case, when Asger Bech-Thomsen (COO) presented the Airmagine case, which enlightened the audience in how Nordisk Film entered the advertisement industry and ended up as the distributor of digital, intelligent commercials in Copenhagen Airport.

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Creativity as Capital

Creativity is one of the most popular buzzwords of last years, but why is it so important precisely? What can each of us do to benefit from this trait in the context of entrepreneurship? These are the questions we tackled with THANK YOU®. 

In March, MarketingLab invited students to participate in the event Thank You: Creativity as Capital. The event was in close collaboration with THANK YOU® Copenhagen, a design agency that connects brands with contemporary culture helping many international companies find themselves, believe in themselves or express themselves and the role of creativity.

The presentation challenged the attendants’ s to think differently about innovation and how to act and create instead of waiting for that great business idea to just pop into their heads, because as they said; sorry that doesn’t just happen. Instead get started with what you already have, or what you actually like to spend your time with. Because starting a business will cost you time. A lot of it!

The two speakers and co-founders of Thank You Copenhagen Örn Ólason and Anders Frandsen taught the audience valuable insights when it comes to leveraging your creativity as capital. So, if you have a good idea but no money to invest, you can still leverage your mind and creativity as capital.