being part of AN International network

In order to enhance the value we provide to students at CBS, MarketingLab has partnered up with other prominent student organisations and other relevant relations from around the globe. Having strong international relations for us is a substantial asset that allows us to share and build ideas between talented individuals from other universities. 

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Bocconi Students Marketing Society

Bocconi Students Marketing Society is Bocconi's version of MarketingLab. It was born spontaneously from six graduate students enrolled in the Master of Science in Marketing Management The association aims to promote Marketing as a multifaceted field while continuously monitoring markets’ trends and cutting-edge solutions. BMS invites Bocconi students and Alumni interested in Marketing and related activities to share their knowledge, talent and expertise in order to create a community of passionate buffs. A joint and continuous effort towards good ideas spreading is the main goal of the association and active participation of affiliates is the fundamental nourishment of its operations.

Logo E Mkt.png

ESADE Marketing Club

The ESADE Marketing Club is a student association at the ESADE Business School focused on increasing the knowledge of the marketing world - created by students and for students.

EMC was born with the objective of approaching the marketing world to all its students, developing and supporting their interest and access to the professional world.

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CBS Library

CBS Library is established alongside and together with Copenhagen Business School, which is has have later on been fully integrated into. At the same time, it is an integral part of the Danish library collaboration. The primary task of CBS Library is to make information, knowledge and services available in a structured and manageable way. It is an integral part of CBS and attends to tasks regarding information, learning and dissemination for CBS' students, researchers and lecturers.
In addition to this, it is a public library and make information, services and study facilities available to others than CBS.