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who we are

As one of the largest CBS student organisations, we aim to enable students to apply their theoretical knowledge and gain new capabilities in a professional and more practical direction by relating to real life business challenges.

Our vision is to be the most valuable student organisation for any student at CBS with an interest in marketing. 

Furthermore, we have set our mission to bridge students with the industry by delivering marketing related content and experiences that equip the students with essential marketing insights and skills beyond their traditional curriculum.

Finally, our members are the key asset of our organisation as MarketingLab is solely driven by passionate students who we call Labbers. In total, we currently consists of more than 30 young people who has joined as volunteers and all share a strong passion for marketing and business strategy.

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We create inspiring marketing-centered events for all CBS students and work hard to build bonds with local and global companies to find out more about their perspectives to marketing and thus provide students with the latest industry insights.


We deliver marketing-related courses to equip student with practical skills and competences in beyond the traditional marketing curriculum and thus close bridge students with industry leaders to better equip them for the job market.


We solve real-life cases from early stage startups as well as large multinational companies by applying our key learnings as we merge our diverse backgrounds in various teams that are driven by creative and ambitious young people.



Corporate PARTNERS

We establish partnerships with a wide range of different companies and organisations to bridge students with marketing leaders and learn from the latest insights to equip the students with skills beyond their curriculum.

international network

We have partnered up with other prominent European student organisations to further enhance the value of enabling students to share ideas with other  inspiring young people and engage in active relations with other universities. 

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